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All our sizings and fittings are designed for cyclists looking to increase comfort and performance. For our fits, we use a combination of basic fitting tools, knowledge and understanding of the human body and video capture, to help guide you into the right position for unprecedented insight into your riding position. You will learn proper pedaling technique, understand how to develop efficient power transfer and how to improve your comfort on the bike. When you leave, we will give you goals and tips to help your riding beyond the work we do in the studio making this fitting a truly collaborative process.


Standard Bike fit

Time 2-3 hrs

Cost    $300


This is the most comprehensive fit package available. A full physical assessment is performed and pre/post fit measurements and photo/video are taken to track changes in your position and equipment. This fit option includes:


  • Rider interview

  • Injury history

  • Postural assessment

  • Strength and flexibility assessment

  • Leg length discrepancy analysis

  • Saddle height, fore/aft adjustment

  • Z-Plane assessment

  • Cleat/shoe alignment

  • Q angle and stance width assessment

  • Video analysis

  • Handlebar/stem positioning/fitting (reach/drop)

  • Varus/valgus cleat/shoe footbed correction

  • Follow-up for 30 days


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Mountain bike fit

Time    3 hours

Cost    $350

In addition to the standard bike fit, will include:


  • Suspension setup


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Tri bike fit

Time    3 Hours

Cost    $350

In addition to the standard bike fit, will include:


  • Aerobar setup/adjustment


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Second Tier


Basic sizing

Time 1 Hour

Cost    $100


A good option for riders who are using flat pedals, the basic sizing focuses on the saddle height and fore/aft position as well as the reach/drop to the handlebar. 


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The Fit Experience

Depending on your chosen fit, please allow 1 to 3 hours for the fit process. Although this is not a workout, you will be riding the trainer for a portion of the fit, so please be prepared to break a light sweat.


What you need to bring:


  • Your bike

  • Running shorts/workout top for the physical/postural assessment. Baggy clothing should be avoided so postural features can be observed.

  • Cycling shorts/jersey. If you do not own cycling clothing, please wear workout clothes.

  • Cycling shoes

  • If you ride with gloves, please bring them.

  • Water bottle

  • Small towel


Possible Additional Charges:

Sometimes to achieve the optimal bike fit you may need some additional or different components.


  • Saddles – The saddle is a major part of achieving your optimal bike fit. There are many different saddles for purchase and most manufacturers offer a fit guarantee.

  • Stems – Stems often need to be changed to achieve appropriate reach and drop.

  • Handlebars– We may need to change your handlebars due to shoulder width and desired reach.

  • Seat Post – A possible seat post swap may be needed depending upon your knee fore/aft position.

  • Pedals – There are several different pedal systems on the market and we can help you make in informed decision based on your riding style.


Labor performed after the fit is an additional charge. This includes changing handlebars, re-taping bars, changing cranks, etc.


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